The revenue of the Group is mainly derived from four business segments in the PRC, including leasing, bulk commodity trade, property development and investment, and marine recreation services and hotel.

The Group has formulated leasing as the direction of its principal business, and has resolved that the Group's wholly-owned subsidiary, Chengtong Financial Leasing Company Limited ("Chengtong Leasing"), is to feature professional development based on strict risk control. Chengtong Leasing will continue to enhance its cooperation with other state-owned enterprises, promote its development in business areas such as energy conservation and environmental protection, transportation and logistics, internet data center, new energy, and highlight its industry characteristics in these market segments. Chengtong Leasing will further expand its financing channels, explore to develop independent rating to strengthen self-financing capability, and seek low-cost funds for business investment. Moreover, it will strengthen risk prevention and control, as well as build and improve the risk management system comprehensively.

In respect of bulk commodity trade, the Group will carefully examine the market condition to determine the next step of development. In respect of property development and investment, all the construction works of the CCT-Champs-Elysees project have been completed. The next step will be to speed up the sales of the property units in section 3 of Phase III of the CCT-Champs-Elysees project, and utilise the recovered funds for the main business of leasing. In respect of the marine recreation services and hotel business, the Group will continue to optimise the project operation and management model and accelerate the cultivation of internal impetus for market sales on one hand, and will actively explore and promote subsequent asset restructuring on the other hand.